How Shall I Start?

How shall I start?
So this was the question which made me think about some other questions like
Why should I Write?
What should I Write?
How should I Write?

As I’m a designated “Hud Haram(Extreme Lazy)” and even , I didn’t wanted my brain to put some effort into it coz it will have to do some mental work and I hate doing any kind of work.
So I thought,First I should select an image for this post & I came across with this wonderful Image of Great Muhammad Ali with this quote ..
And Yes !! read it yourself coz I’m not writing that here..

so then again I thought something…
You’re Right!!
I Think Alot…
Anyway…I thought why shouldn’t I start writing whatever comes to mind.
ahan!! that’s was a good idea..
what could happen at worse…
Maybe people won’t like it!?..
Then Bhatti Saab Said: You Got No Followers,You Idiot!!
And then he added: “Even I don’t like It,You Lazy Gorilla”

I politely asked him to shut up but he didn’t so ignored him and continued writing … What if this is a bad piece of writing.
No Worries..
That’s My First Post..!!
what can i expect from this…
Writing all this is a kind of achievement for me..coz atleast I’m Finishing what I started…
because I never complete things on time or even after that..
So Peace Out..
“Even The Greatest Was Once A Beginner ,
Don’t Be Afraid To Take The First Step” – Muhammad Ali